Tenants Guide

Emergencies & Advice

If you have an emergency, ie total no heating, no hot water or a leak then please email lettings@abode.ltd.uk, use our maintenance form, call/whatsapp 01322 918795. NB: abode limited only manage properties in Dartford and the surrounding areas, we are not a franchise or have dealings with any properties outside of KENT.

  • If you have a gas leak or smell gas please call 0800 111 999.
  • If you have a water leak, (please turn off the stop cock if applicable) and place a bucket or receptacle under the water.
  • If you have no electricity, please check if there is an area power cut with your neighbours, then check your fuse board, often circuits can get tripped due to excess usage, so therefore please unplug all appliances, irons, kettles before trying to reset the switch, as if an appliance fuse does not work this could cause the fuseboard to trip and the switch to remain off.
  • If you have no heating or hot water, please check that the boiler pilot light is lit and the BAR pressure is sufficient, these are common faults that can be rectified easily and quickly and get your heating and hot water re-instated immediatley.
  • If you have condensation issues please download our Condensation Advice Guide(PDF).

Please note; Tenants have a responsibility to look after their properties including bleeding radiators, relighting pilot lights, (manuals can be found online) and should a contractor be called outand the fault is something a tenant has caused ie. faulty appliance that causes the fusebox to cut off, then the contractors invoice will be payable by the tenant.